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Fight Triple Negative With a Positive
15% of all diagnosed breast cancer is considered “Triple Negative Breast Cancer.” TNBC can be more aggressive and difficult to treat because the common treatments and drugs that target progesterone, estrogen and HER-2 are not effective.

With your help, we’re doing our part in to attack this deadly strain of cancer that is more likely to spread and recur.  Join the fight!

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About Us

Julia Fikse (Founder)The Save the Ta-tas® Foundation and Ta-tas® Brand was created by clothing designer Julia Fikse in 2004 as a way to fight breast cancer using laughter and fun as a way to fight a serious disease.

Her playful line of t-shirts and accessories and message of hope and humor have helped hundreds of thousands of victims to fight the disease with courage and joy.

Members of Julia’s own family had been diagnosed with breast cancer and thanks to the inspiration of their journey and her belief that a positive spirit helps the fight, the idea for Ta-tas® Brand was born.

Ta-tas® Brand was started in 2004, organized as a cause-related company and quickly emerged as leader in cause marketing.

In 2008, Julia founded the Save the Ta-tas® Foundation, a private, non-profit, 501(c)3 organization that is dedicated to battling cancer at every stage by supporting break-through breast cancer research, awareness, education, community service and more.

To date, over 1 Million Dollars has been donated to fight breast cancer. To learn more about how your donations are making a difference, check out the research you’re funding. Help us put more researchers to work!

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